Daily Archives: October 13, 2004

Flu Shots?

This should take a bite out of the Kedwards rhetoric on the subject: At GlaxoSmithKline, officials are working to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration to sell a flu vaccine in the United States. The company makes one in Germany for 70 other countries, but not in this country.

Quick Points

How can you identify someone with iris and fingerprint ID, if they have never been ID’d by either? Lurch? Anything? The Right of Choice is a Constitutional Right. Have searched my copy of the Constitution, couldn’t find that. Not in the Declaration of Independence, either. What up with that, John? 10:04pm Wealthy people, yada yada […]

Balanced Budget

Can Kerry possibly mention “balanced budget” just a few more times? Funny how he has forgotten his own record: U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) has attacked President George W. Bush on the budget deficit. While we don’t like the deficit either, we blame John Kerry for it because he was the one vote that killed […]

Blix and the WMD

Captain Ed has a post regarding Hans Blix and his prewar reports on Iraqi WMD (The Captain gives a hat tip to Secure Liberty.) Blix himself reported back to the UNSC that Saddam was not cooperating — which made the inspections pointless. Inspections can only confirm compliance; they cannot reliably determine locations and stocks of […]

That Kool Aid

Just a bit peeved off about “Kool Aid.” Throughout the blogosphere, forums, and the internet(s), the phrase “Kool Aid” has become somewhat popular. When did it become acceptable for it be be spoken on TV? Being as it is a reference to what the followers of Jim Jones drank (grape flavored), mixed with cyanide, to […]

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