Daily Archives: October 12, 2004

So NC Isn’t a Target?

Kamran Akhtar, a Pakistani native, pled guilty to several charges in Federal Court this morning. He is the man who was caught video taping buildings in Charlotte, NC. Kamran Akhtar reportedly signed a deal last week agreeing to spend up to six months in prison before being deported to his native Pakistan. Appearing in court […]

Star Spangled Uh Oh!

Just one of those kinds of weeks, looking at the humorous sides of things, as well as a little more in the way of sports. So, in that vein, prepare to CRINGE (listen for the Uh, oh!) Picture Barkley standing there with a towel over his head, and covering his eyes. Long version here.

More on Sinclair

So now some Demorat Senators want a probe of the Sinclair Group broadcasting an anti Kerry piece on what is a privately owned group of stations. Where were they when Dan Rather and cBS were broadcasting a slander piece on the President of the United States of America using fraudulent documents, then, despite all evidence […]

Big Blue Blogging

Like many Giants fans, I am pleasantly surprised by the Giants play since the ugly Egirls game. And in general so far. I was looking for a 6-10 year, quite frankly. Figured it would take TC a least a year to purge the deadwood, and get them going. There is still, of course, a long […]

Those Norwegians

Captain Ed has a great article on a group of Norwegians placing an ad in the Washington Post that asks W to apologize to the Iraqi’s for invading and….liberating them. I would love to see W add it into a speech. In a truly sarcastic way. Include Chirac, Shroeder, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Albright, and so […]

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