Daily Archives: October 15, 2004

William Teach?

Someone sent me an email, wondering why I was using the name “William Teach.” She got the reference to Blackbeard the Pirate, but, as she informed me, his name was Edward Teach. Well, couple things. 1st, I did want it to be a little cryptic. While many may recognize the name Edward Teach as Blackbeard, […]

Tech: Who Da Man?

Fortune wants to know which Presidential candidate is the best for the tech industry, supposedly. Why supposedly? But President Bush also made one of the most egregiously revealing verbal errors of the three debates when he spoke in the second one, again referring to the draft, about “talk on the Internets” that a draft was […]

Kerry and Our Allies

Bloviator extraordinaire John Kerry (he’s a Senator, ya know), has been working overtime to lose allies. If he is elected, will there be any left? From Japan (courtesy Captain Ed): The comments come a day after Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi made remarks that appeared to suggest he would prefer to see Bush win the Nov. […]

Talking with Liberals

Fellow Carolinian (the good Carolina :)) Ogre has a nice post on talking with Liberals. Check it out here. As time moves forward, the Republicans and Democrats are moving in radically different directions in many areas. I’m not talking about elected moderates, but of the party faithful. Republicans are getting more conservative, and Democrats are […]

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