Talking with Liberals

Fellow Carolinian (the good Carolina :)) Ogre has a nice post on talking with Liberals. Check it out here.

As time moves forward, the Republicans and Democrats are moving in radically different directions in many areas. I’m not talking about elected moderates, but of the party faithful. Republicans are getting more conservative, and Democrats are getting more stupid, I mean, liberal. I can stand a Democrat if I have to, but only for limited periods of time. After so long, they can’t keep quiet and say something totally ignorant of reality and I’m forced to correct their dream-land interpretation of reality. And yes, I am loads of fun at parties.

Living in Raleigh and working in Durham (which is incredibly Liberal), I know, unfortunatly, lots of todays Loons, er, liberals. People that I used to be able to have political conversations with, I can barely have any conversation with at all anymore. Which is a shame. There really is almost no middle point or discussion. No debate. It is argument, pure and simple. I play on some forums, both political and other. The points of contention is worse then between Devils and Rangers fans. I can at least have a conversation on hockey with a Rangers fan. 99.99% of convos on politics turns to the standard party platforms.

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One Response to “Talking with Liberals”

  1. Ogre says:

    What’s yer problem with the Rangers, eh? Next I suppose you’re going to complain about the Yankees, too. 😉

    I really think Democrats and Republicans now see the world in very, very different lights. No, there is no middle ground any more. That’s why these debates are pointless. It’s now: I say potato, you say potahto, and you’re wrong and I’m right.

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