Daily Archives: October 11, 2004

Jake Plummer and 50

How poor would it be if the NFL league office fines Jake Plummer for wearing Pat Tillmans number on his helmet? Write the Broncos in support.

3 Questions for Kerry Supporters

Let’s suppose that John Kerry (he’s a Senator, you know!) wins. 1. Considering Kerry will have a hostile GOP majority in both Houses, how quick will the pundits, including the MSM’s, take to calling him a lame duck? I say the first day the Congress Critters are in session. 2. Kerry hasn’t passed any substantive […]

Latest Demorat Conspiracy debunked

Object Under Bush Jacket Identified: ‘It’s a Spine’ by Scott Ott (2004-10-11) — A forensic scientist studying photographic evidence has identified an object which caused a bump on the back of a suit jacket worn by President George Bush during his first debate with John Forbes Kerry. “It’s a spine,” said the unnamed scientist. “The […]

Sad Day in LA

Dodgers are out of the Playoffs. But, it is not all sad. Dodger Blue made it to the Playoffs (knocking San Fran out!), and finally won a Playoff game. We saw a great preformance out of Jose Lima and Sean Green. Give it up to the Cardinals, who are one hell of a team. The […]

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