3 Questions for Kerry Supporters

Let’s suppose that John Kerry (he’s a Senator, you know!) wins.

1. Considering Kerry will have a hostile GOP majority in both Houses, how quick will the pundits, including the MSM’s, take to calling him a lame duck? I say the first day the Congress Critters are in session.

2. Kerry hasn’t passed any substantive piece of legislation in 20 years in the Senate (you knew he was a US Senator, not just that guy who was in Vietnam, right?). What makes any Lefty think he can pass anything in 4 years with a hostile GOP Congress?

3. What makes any Lefty (include erstwhile Senator’s Kerry and Edwards) think that appointing Judges to the Supreme Court will really make a difference? Does any Conservative out there really think that a GOP Congress will approve any Kerry appointee?

What it comes down to is that Kerry will make Carter look productive. Congress will not pass his Socialist agenda. I will lay heavy odds on a large pickup in Congress for the GOP in the 2006 elections, possibly giving the GOP veto override ability.

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