Daily Archives: October 6, 2004

Iran and North Korea: random thought

The left keeps telling us that W took his eye off the ball, and missed OBL (or UBL: whatever). Yet they want to “do something” about North Korea and Iran. Could any liberal out there explain what those 2 countries have to do with OBL and Al Queda? Kerry and Edwards sure seem like they […]

Quote of the Day

“John Kerry says that terrorists are crossing the borders and coming into Iraq, and then he says the war in Iraq is a diversion from fighting the war on terror. And they wondered why I made a face.”GWB

Senator Gone

Seems like it wasn’t Edwards’ home town paper, the Raleigh News and Observer, who coined the phrase “Senator Gone.” It was: coined by The Pilot, the weekly newspaper of Southern Pines, in the southeastern edge of Moore County. Edwards grew up in the Moore County town of Robbins, about 20 miles north. The Pilot, with […]

Cheney/Gone Talley

My final thoughts on the debate: Cheney killed Senator Gone on foreign issues, and beat him 6-4 on the domestic issues. I do not adhere to what many of the talking heads are saying, that Edwards won on the domestic stuff. Edwards gave the talking points, but it wasn’t flowing. Cheney was gruff and level […]

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