Daily Archives: October 30, 2004

Demoratic TV

Keep your eyes peeled for a new ad by the Demoratic National Windbags Committee, that includes blaming the current deficit on “tax cuts for the rich.” Has not made it onto the DNC website as of this time, but, BOY, did I laugh when I saw it this am. First, because it is absurd, and […]

Oh, Al Queda WAS behind 9/11

From Country Store: And now, perhaps, Reuters will stop referring to Al Qaeda as the group the Bush administration “claims” is responsible for 9/11. But I won’t hold my breath. I was thinking the same for the “9/11 was a Jewish/Mossad/CIA/Neocon/Bush plot” crowd, but he’s right – it won’t even be a speed bump for […]

It’s a Paris Halloween

Is it just me, or am I just being a prude? Seems as if dressing like Paris Hilton (sorry to any who got here through a search engine, no pictures or rumors) is all the rage. Many tv personalities have dressed up as Paris, including Kelly Ripa. Hmmm, let’s see. The woman (Paris, not Kelly), […]

Arafat’s Mystery Ailment

Seems like doctors do not really know what is really wrong with Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat. He is undergoing tests, which I hope are really painful, and include foul tasting medicines as a bonus indignity. Plus one of those really skimpy hospital gowns, just to add injury to insult. ME people are very modesty […]

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