Sad Day in LA

Dodgers are out of the Playoffs. But, it is not all sad. Dodger Blue made it to the Playoffs (knocking San Fran out!), and finally won a Playoff game. We saw a great preformance out of Jose Lima and Sean Green. Give it up to the Cardinals, who are one hell of a team.

The Dodgers have a bright future. Have some good players, some good pitching. Jim Tracy is putting it together. And management is making some smart moves.

A bit more: The Dodgers have a big decision to make regarding Milton Bradley. He is one heck of a player, and he brings some excitement to the laid back Ca. experience. One of the things I never liked was how “laid back” the Dodgers had been. You bring in an exciting player, and they get “chill.” This is not a knock on the Southern California way, it is just the perception. Lima brings excitement every day, even when he isn’t pitching. Bradley brings excitement, but he needs to be on the field, and not make his excitement a distraction. We will see.

Retain Finley and Beltre. Green is still a keeper. Gotta love Isturuz and Cora, both who the pundits had said weren’t very good. One of the best double play combos in MLB. Teach Ross to hit at least .250, or go out and get someone. Need a bit more starting pitching, what they have isn’t durable enough. Expect the front office to pick up a starter or 2.

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