Balanced Budget

Can Kerry possibly mention “balanced budget” just a few more times? Funny how he has forgotten his own record:

U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) has attacked President George W. Bush on the budget deficit. While we don’t like the deficit either, we blame John Kerry for it because he was the one vote that killed the federal Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).

The BBA is a long-standing project of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), of which CLT is a member. We have been working on this project with them since the late 1970s.

The BBA needs 67 votes in the Senate to pass.

In 1986 the BBA originated in the Senate and failed 66-34. Sen. John Kerry voted against it. So it never went to the House.

In 1994, after Ross Perot had popularized the fight against the national debt, the BBA came up again in the Senate and lost, with Sen. Kerry voting No.

In 1995, the NTU got the BBA passed in the House, 300-132. It failed in the Senate, 66-34. Sen. John Kerry voted against it.

They tried a few months later, when there was a vacancy and they needed only 66 votes; but it lost 64-35, with Sen. Kerry again voting No.

In his Senate career, Sen. John Kerry voted against the BBA five times

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