That Kool Aid

Just a bit peeved off about “Kool Aid.” Throughout the blogosphere, forums, and the internet(s), the phrase “Kool Aid” has become somewhat popular. When did it become acceptable for it be be spoken on TV? Being as it is a reference to what the followers of Jim Jones drank (grape flavored), mixed with cyanide, to commit suicide, I do not think that it is an appropriate reference to make about your opponenet on tv, even in politics, even if it is implying that someone has been completely and utterly decieved.

The latest kool aid referer was Sasha Burns, a Kerry (he’s a Senator, you know) advisor. It isn’t necessarily fair to single her out, as plenty of others have made the reference, including Republican officials and tv talking heads. 7:20am is a little early for that kind of talk.

Rant over.

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2 Responses to “That Kool Aid”

  1. Ogre says:

    Thankfully I’ve missed most of those references. See, it pays to not watch the idiot box for much more than the Simpsons and sports! 🙂

  2. William Teach says:

    True. I should probably just stick with the weather channel in the am. 🙂

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