Hero’s For Bush

Tis I, Captain Jack Sparrow, come to tell ye that I shall be supporting Cap'n George in his reelection over that bilge rat, Senator John Kerry and and his pan wench, First mate John Edwards. George, may I call him George, is a fine lad, who has raised his Jolly Roger, and declared war on the scurvy dogs attemptin to harm Ye Old United States, sending them down to see Old Hob.

Me bucko Cap'n George has a plan, ye see. Without a plan, there can be no attack. With no attack, ye cannot win the war. How can ye win the war without a plan? Ask Cap'n George's opponent, the addled, bilge sucking lubber John Kerry, who I understand is sometimes a Senator. That lackey has no plan. If the lubber is elected, we shall all meet the rope's end. Cap'n George shall keep us all shipshape, and we shall all share in the booty.

Some say that Cap'n George is too tight lipped. But I am here to tell ye, two can only keep a secret if one of them be dead. He is a wise leader, refusing to give his enemies any swag. Cap'n George be keepin lookouts in the crows nest at all times, looking to do his utmost best for the US of A. Have I ever given you any reason to distrust me? Many a blaggard has met the point of Cap'n George's cutlass, and, if ye vote for him, many more shall, and he shall give them no quarter. The bad people remain in his Deadlights, and he shall remain at the fore.

If ye want a man to stand in a jolly boat, and lead ye to Davey Jones' Locker, vote for that blighter John Kerry, who shall pillage your chests, and marroon ye on a god forsaken spit of land. Otherwise, give your Letters of Marque to Cap'n George. Fair Winds, me buckos, and Godspeed! Ye old friend Cap'n Jack would never steer ye wrong.

NZ Bear is having a blogburst, Hero's for Bush. If ye be interested, board The Truth Laid Bear, and contact one of your favorite hero's, and have them give you some words.

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2 Responses to “Hero’s For Bush”

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    Without further delay, we present the Heroes for Bush blogburst. New submissions will be added to this post throughout Thursday evening and Friday. Check back often! Via What is Flig, The Tick: “…back about three years ago, America’s alarm clock…

  2. I’ve got a faire lova the ol’ sea toungue, laddie… always gets me ears a turnin’ when I hears a fellow sea dog pipe up right n’ proper ‘bought the scurvy dogs a’runnin’ ‘gainst Ol’ George.

    Faire winds n’ followin’ seas to ya!

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