Debate Reactions

This is pretty much just pathetic.

Three staff members talked to 30 people who (1) saw or knew of the debates… (2) but did not watch the after-debate analysis by the media and (3) wanted to talk to us. Out of 30 people, 21 people said Bush won tonight’s debate. 6 people said Kerry won. 3 people thought it was a tie.

Greg Kelley of Culver City said, “I’m democrat and I’m voting Kerry/Edwards for sure. Bush won tonight’s debate, but I’m still voting for Kerry. I’m a black man. I’m democrat. I have to be.”

Charlie Chin of Los Angeles said, “Kerry definitely won. He’s so smooth and he’s our man. I don’t want to be part of Bush’s draft next year, or all that other part of Bush Plans, I’m voting Kerry all the way!”

Robert Gomez of Inglewood said, “I vote Kerry, I didn’t see the debate, but I heard Kerry won. I figured he’d win… he’s a lawyer!”

Kiki Bennett of Malibu said, “All my friends are voting for Kerry, so I’ll probably vote Kerry. I don’t want Bush to make abortion legal and make us all go to war. Kerry won tonight, I think, but I didn’t hear all of it.”

Didn’t hear it, didn’t watch it, someone told me about it, Bush make abortion legal. Uh huh.

Pro W respondants.

Teresa Henson of Bel Air said, “Bush won. President Bush didn’t do so well in the first round. I had decided last week that Kerry had my vote. After tonight, I saw a different stronger side of Bush and I’m voting for another 4 years!”

Barbara Tiery of Beverly Hills said, “Bush kicked Kerry’s ass. The first debate Bush didn’t do so well. But Bush has my vote all the way. We’ll be a sad world with Kerry in there. Politics is something I study on my own. No one influences me.”

Tasha Williams of Westwood said, “President Bush did very well. I wouldn’t say he won, but he did better this round. I’ll vote for Bush, probably. I am happy how he handled 9/11 and he seems honest!”

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