The NYTimes Boards the (Lefty) Blogosphere

NZ Bear noticed a piece in the Depressed, er, Grey Lady, which mentions the Ecosphere rankings, saying that the Daily Kos gets over 500k hits a day. Which of course means (after checking with NZ to make sure that I understood it), that Kos gets 500k hits, not unique viewers. Well, Ok. 500K blackhearts. But how about this?

But the most personal critiques originate among the political blogs – especially from the left – run by individuals who use news media reports for their often-heated discussions.

Most of us now realize that this is a constant conversation, and I think that largely that part of it is good,” said Howard Fineman, chief political correspondent for Newsweek. “Some of the stuff includes very personal and nasty things about people – they go after people’s physical characteristics, they’ll say somebody’s ugly – and you just have to ignore that.”

True or false? True. I personally have 14 blogs on my Feedreader, and probably hit at least 10 others a day, some of which do not have a “syndicate me!” feed, surf into them, or hit them from my personal page. I see nasty stuff at times. But nothing compared to what I see on Kos or other lefty blogs. There isn’t that much in the way of personal attacks for the sake of personal attacks on Right Wing blogs, nor is there anywhere near the level of vulgarity on the RW blogs like there is on the LW blogs. And the LW blogs comment sections! Whew! Hey, I do not mind using curse words when talking with friends, or telling a joke, talking about a game. But, I feel that use of “bad words” within a post detracts from what one is saying.

However, just to join in, here is a soundbite of Kerry in an unguarded moment during a speech

Update: if the links to the sound bites do not work from some PC’s, I apologize (more then Dan Rather ever did!) They are really just funny, not real.

2nd update: the links were not working. Were fine from typepad preview, but not when posted. so I have fragged them, and replaced the Kerry sound with the same one I have on a personal webpage. Sorry, my bad!

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2 Responses to “The NYTimes Boards the (Lefty) Blogosphere”

  1. I totally agree, just no use to curse on my blog, besides, my mommy reads my blog, as does my wife, several members of my church, my brother, etc.

    And if people want to stoop to personal appearance comments, well, my picture is on my blog, and I’ve given them plenty of ammo I guess.

    Let’s all think happy thoughts, whilst whistling the theme from Popeye, shall we?

  2. ZBO says:

    The NYTimes Boards the (Lefty) Blogosphere

    The NYTimes Boards the…

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