Why I am voting Bush

Many will, and have certainly, given much better discources on why they are voting for W. My take is actually very simple. I am an independent. I voted for Clinton’s 2nd, as I thought he was a better candidate for that time then Dole. I voted for Al “taking the short route to Insanity Rd” Gore over GWB, as I thought that he was a better candidate then Bush for that time. When Gore lost, unlike seemingly most of the Gore voters, I did not go around the bend with the “Bush stole the election” lunacy. GWB seemed like an OK guy.

Now, I vote for who I feel is the best candidate, regardless of party. It usually means GOP, as I detest big government. Think of my stances as more “Classical Liberalism.” Unless totally necessary, it should be left to the States. Right now, between those that are running, GWB is my candidate.

He understands that the War on Terror has to be preemptive, not reactionary. He gets involved as little as possible in national economic issues. To my thinking, government should stay out of personal and business affairs unless totally necessary. W is resolute. You know what he stands for, and what to expect from him. He doesn’t play petty political games, releasing info to the media to score points. What we know, the terrorists know. Two can only keep a secret if one of them be dead.

What it comes down to is Trust. I trust Cap’n George.

Am I thrilled with everything he has done? No. His environmental policies are a disaster. He has not decreased the federal government. If the Dems had trotted out Leiberman, I would have had some hard thinking to do. If there had been no 9/11, I would have voted Leiberman.

But the Dems didn’t. They nominated Kerry. There are plenty of negative things to say about Kerry, and I have already said many. So I will just say this. I do not trust Kerry.

And, I am sorely tempted to vote straight GOP ticket without even looking, which I have never done. The conduct of those who are voting for “anybody but Bush” has been despicable. No need to provide details: the Right Wingers know what the Dems have done. I cannot abide by that. I cannot abide their discourse. I have no political discussions with or around my mother or friends that say they are going to vote for Kerry. They are really voting against Bush. If any Dem or Independent readers would like my reasons in full, I will provide them, or point you in the direction.

I hope that the DNC really reconsiders their positions and conduct when GWB wins re-election. We need the Dems to get back to their proud traditions of FDR, Hoover, Wilson, and JFK. Does that sound strange? Not really. Politics is nasty enough without an entire party taking the shortcut down Unreal Ln to Insanity Blvd.

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