Sunday NC Quick Hits

North Carolina unemployment is down in most counties (bad news for Kerry and Ballentine, good for Bush and Easley)

Latest Mason/Dixon shows Easley up 54 to 38 over Ballentine (625 RV)

Edwards voted in Raleigh on Sat the 30th (after fixing his hair and makeup). He apparently jumped in line ahead of 70 others. Me, I would have pitched a fit.

Raleigh Bush Sign stealer speaks. Sticks foot in azz.

Something I would love to do after W wins on Tuesday, and after the resulting Dem lunacy, is to start posting a roundup of NC bloggers. The aggregator at NC Blogs is great, but only a few do it. I do not, since I usually blog around 5 posts or more a day. Maybe could get some link whoreage going, and use my old Tripod free site (now that the sidebars with evil links are no longer showing up)?

PS: anything I post today will show up as morning, so I can keep the Happy Halloween post on top.

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