War Musing

Just a random thought. The Lefties continually say “Iraq never attacked us!” Did Afghanistan attack us? Did the Taliban attack us? Did either attack the 25 countries who initially were involved in the war in Afghanistan? Sure, there is that NATO treaty that says if one is attacked, all are attacked, and shall help respond. But Afghanistan NEVER attacked the USA. Al Queda did. Is that a picky point? Perhaps. But the Nation-State of Afghanistan never attacked us. Italy never attacked the US during WWII. But we invaded anyhow. They were part of the enemy. Italy was never an imminent threat to the US (no offense, Italy!), they were just part of the Axis. Was Germany and imminent threat? Heck, they were all the way on the other side of the Atlantic. Unlike the Japanese, they couldn’t project power overseas. But, fortunatley, we had a President who thought strategically, not tactically. And Europe is free. Many of the countries are free enough to be assholes to the USA.

And, has either Iran or North Korea attacked the USA? Are they an “imminent threat?” Both are professing the need to have nuclear weapons as insurance against any US attack. Yet the lefties want us to “do something.” They never say anything beyond that. But, all of a sudden, they are bloviating about Iran and North Korea. Oh, wait, that’s right. France wants to do something about Iran. My bad.

Are any of the other countries, like India, Pakistan, Russia, France, etc, threats to us? France has professed just as much anti-American sentiment, if not more, then either Iran or North Korea. And France has 4 Boomer’s (nuclear missile submarine) in service, all carrying MIRV’ed missiles. A fifth is on the way. All are supposedly better then anything the Soviets ever had.

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