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Maureen Dowd is at it again. Or continuing. Depending how often you can take reading her literary disasters. Every once in a while, she stops pretending she is Shakespeare’s ghost, and comes out with something slightly readable. But still laughable.

First Dick Cheney said that supporting John Kerry could lead to another terrorist attack.

Then Dennis Hastert said Al Qaeda would be more successful under a Kerry presidency than under President Bush.

Now the Catholic bishops have upped the ante, indicating that voting for a candidate with Mr. Kerry’s policies could lead to eternal damnation.

Conservative bishops and conservative Republicans are working hard to spread the gospel that anyone who supports the Catholic candidate and onetime Boston altar boy who carries a rosary and a Bible with him on the trail is aligned with the forces of evil.

Point? Or blowviation?

She goes on to tell us that something is wrong with the Catholic Church actually following its tenents. How about that? Amazing.

“Never before have so many bishops so explicitly warned Catholics so close to an election that to vote a certain way was to commit a sin,” the Times article said.

Kerry sure hasn’t given the true Believers any reason to vote for him. And his lifelong record gives Catholics every reason not to vote for him. But:

The conservative bishops’ certitude – the idea that you can’t be a good Catholic if you diverge from certain church-decreed mandates or if you want to keep your religion and politics separate – is also disturbing.

America is awash in selective piety, situational moralists and cherry-picking absolutists.

Mo needs to read her Raisa Gorbachev: Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance, and cruelty.

Cause Mo sure is ignoring what Kerry, Edwards, Soro’s et al, have been saying and doing.

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