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Alarmist Richard Wiles Takes Climate Insanity To A Whole New Moonbat Level

Look, when it comes to the climate alarmists, there is a range that goes from plain silly, to moonbat, on to barking moonbat, unhinged tools, DERP, then there is “dude, you should be involuntarily locked up and the key thrown away.” Guess which one this is If someone told all the parents of the world […]

Say, How’s Obama’s Afghanistan Adventure Going?

Buried on MSNBC’s front page Wednesday was an interesting article from Reuters, which I found using my Fluent News iPhone app. And those are pretty much the only places this story resides. Just imagine the following came out while Bush was president, or during a John McCain presidency: this story would be one of the […]

Sarah Palin Says Has No Problem With Gay Groups At CPAC

I’m not gay. Happily heterosexual. Also, happily a “neo-conservative,” otherwise known as a “classical liberal.” That means I support minding my own damned business when it comes to most people’s lifestyles. People being gay is not a threat to me. Couldn’t care less. What they do is their business, and doesn’t affect me (see this […]

Madison, Wi., Mayor Calls For Snowpocalypse Day To Combat Climate Change

Today’s unhinged alarmism comes from the snowy city of Madison, Wisconsin, where they have had well above normal amounts of global warming snow for February (13.5 inches above): Mayor proposes annual city snow day, rail reform at WISPIRG event Just weeks before the mayoral primary, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz spoke about hot-button issues to an […]

Good News! State Department Now Tweeting In Arabic

They’re only almost 15 days late, but, hey, they’ve got a great message! It took a while, but the U.S. State Department is now tweeting in Arabic. With unprecedented political turmoil rocking Egypt and protesters turning to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the mouthpiece of U.S. foreign policy wants in on the game.Its […]

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