Daily Archives: February 26, 2011

Globull Warming Cold Gulf Water Killing Baby Dolphins?

Jesse Zimmerman’s hat reports breathlessly at Grist Well HERE’S some cheerful news for your Friday afternoon: Dozens of dead baby dolphins have been washing ashore in the Gulf of Mexico, along Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. Crap. Well, I’ll agree with that sentiment. The timing seems pretty suspicious — the BP oil spill happened around the […]

AFT Head Wants To Shorten Time It Takes Tof Fire Incompetent Teachers

But, don’t forget, this is all for the children On Thursday, the head of the largest national teachers union responded to the continued criticism by offering a major concession, a proposal to make it easier and faster to fire even tenured teachers who are not making the grade. “Under the proposal, a teacher deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ […]

Treehugger Shows What A Post Fossil Fueled World Looks Like

This one’s a hoot: A Graphic Video Demonstration of Life After The Kunstlerian Decline of a World Dependent on Oil (and if someone could tell me what a “Kunstlerian Decline” actually is, that would be great, since the only occurrence of that phrase is linked to this same Treehugger story). Unfortunately, there is little to […]

President Chump: You Republicans Need To Compromise And Build Energy Efficient Lightbulbs!

Yes, I know, some of you do not like it when I call him things like Chump and Sparky, but, how can I resist when we are treated to weekly addresses like this? Over the last month, I’ve been traveling the country, talking to Americans about how we can out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build the rest […]

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