Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

House Blocks EPA Globull Warming Funding

Fun, and busy, day in the House, sure to leave Liberals seething all weekend long. Here’s the latest vote to block a Democrat pet bit of insanity The Republican-controlled House has voted to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases that scientists say cause global warming. The 249-177 vote added the regulation ban […]

Friday Awesome: House Votes To Defund Net Neutrality And ObamaCzars More: And Planned Parenthood

This should probably set all the Lefties heads on fire, starting with net neutrality The House passed an amendment Thursday that would bar the Federal Communications Commission from using any funding to implement the network-neutrality order it approved in December. And then ObamaCzars The House GOP approved an amendment to a government-spending bill that would […]

Is “Food Security” The Next Big Globull Warming Scary Talking Point?

Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about “food security” in relation to “climate change. No matter that it seems that cold weather (undoubtedly caused by someone driving an SUV) does more damage to crops quicker than hot weather, “food security” has quickly risen to overtake the previous attempt to make it all about “biodiversity” […]

Oh, Noes! Evil Girl Scout Cookies Killing Orangutans, Cause Climate Change

Those evil Girl Scouts are facing dissension in the ranks over the long term plans of Big Girl Scouts to kill all the orangutans and bury the world in globull warming created snow! Are Girl Scout cookies killing orangutans? It’s Girl Scout cookie season, but Michigan scouts Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva are finding other […]

Hooray! Harry Reid Saves/Creates 280,000 Jobs He Previously Killed

Even The Politico is having a tough time cheerleading for the bat guano super-weasel Harry Reid is pushing The Senate passed an aviation reauthorization bill Thursday night, ending three weeks of work on a relatively standard piece of legislation that Democrats are calling a “downpayment” on their broader jobs agenda. “Today, the Senate passed a […]

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