Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

Bad News: Breast Milk Ice Cream Seized Over Safety Concerns

Considering the state of British food, they have to be really, really worried A restaurant which put breast milk ice cream on sale have had their supplies seized by council officials amid fears it is unsafe. The Baby Gaga ice cream will now undergo tests to see if it is safe for adult consumption. Viruses, […]

Law Of Unintended Consequences Hits Liberal Low Flow Toilets

Remember, in Liberal World, it is all about intentions, not outcomes Have a gripe, Someone needs to do something Pass a law based on feelings Unintended shit happens And, by “shit”, well, um, San Francisco’s big push for low-flow toilets has turned into a multimillion-dollar plumbing stink. Skimping on toilet water has resulted in more […]

Paul Krugman: There’s A “Virtual Blackout” On Wisconsin News Coverage

No, seriously, and it gives him “That Iraq Feeling” I don’t watch cable news, or actually any kind of TV news. But I gather that there’s a virtual blackout on the huge demonstrations in Wisconsin, except on Fox, which portrays them as thuggish and violent. So, wait, wait, he doesn’t watch any TV news, yet, […]

Snap! Bill Gates Provides $70 Million For Food Security Against….Climate Change!

But, he isn’t giving the money away, oh, no, he is “investing” it as a way to save Mankind! The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it is investing $70 million into food security initiatives in order to battle one of climate change’s looming threats–catastrophic food shortages. The United Kingdom Department for International […]

Wisconisin Protesters Allowed To Continue To Pollute Capital Building

It must smell horrible in there So much for quickly returning to normal business hours at the state Capitol. Faced with several hundred drum-beating, dancing and chanting demonstrators who refused to leave the state Capitol after the doors were shut at 4 p.m. Sunday, police decided to let the crowd spend the night and continue […]

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