Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Would You Eat Bugs To Save Gaia From Globull Warming?

They’re just like greasy, grainy bacon bits! James Traniello not only studies bugs, but he’s eaten them, too. “I’ve had dips made with crickets and ate a honeypot ant in the Arizona desert,” says the College of Arts & Sciences biology professor. The culinary experiment, “sort of a ritual” for ant researchers like himself, delivered […]

Crazy Storms Mean It’s Climate Change!

And here we go! If you were in the space shuttle looking down yesterday, you would have seen a pair of truly awesome, even fearful, sights. Much of North America was obscured by a 2,000-mile storm dumping vast quantities of snow from Texas to Maine — between the wind and snow, forecasters described it as […]

Head Of NC DOT Wants Citizen Investigated For Speaking Up

From my hometown of Raleigh, NC, we learn that dissent is a means to a criminal investigation David N. Cox says he was merely exercising his right to petition the government, but a state Department of Transportation official has raised allegations that Cox committed a misdemeanor: practicing engineering without a license. Cox and his North […]

Blamestorming And Butt Covering Begins Over Egypt

Showing that politicians, especially Democrat politicians, are more interested in laying blaming on others than….well, really, that is what they are interested in: point the finger at others over Egypt The debate over who “lost” Egypt seems to have begun. Critics are openly questioning the quality of information and analysis given to President Barack Obama […]

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