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Massive March On Mubarak’s Palace Scheduled For Friday

It’s almost 3am Cairo time. What will happen when it becomes daylight in a few hours? For 10 days, violent protests have engulfed Egypt, calling for the resignation of embattled president Hosni Mubarak, killing at least eight and wounding hundreds as increasing lawlessness, looting and arson continues. Friday will be the moment of truth for […]

When Cynthia Tucker Defends “Globull Warming Causes Snow,” Might Be Time To Move On, Alarmists!

Even Al Gore is probably saying “please, Cynthia, you really aren’t helping”: Al Gore is right about snow and climate change Even if Americans were more knowledgeable about the science of climate change, they’d have difficulty understanding the connection between a winter of extreme weather and a warming planet. A giant cold front has much […]

Dangerous Terrorist Charged With Bringing Gun To School

Did I say terrorist? Sorry, I meant 7 year old with a nerf gun A 7-year-old child allegedly shot a Nerf-style toy gun in his Hammonton, N.J., school Jan. 18. No one was hurt, but the pint-size softshooter now faces misdemeanor criminal charges. Hammonton Police began an investigation into the “suspicious activity” at the Hammonton […]

Globull Warming Could Lead To More Golf Days In Niagara Falls Area..And This Is Bad?

For a place that is freaking cold and snow in the dead of winter ….. say, why does it snow so darned much in Niagara when the water and air are very cold? ……. you’d think more warm days would be something people would look forward to. Not in Climate Alarmist World NIAGARA FALLS — […]

Snap! Wikileaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Well, well, well, it would be interesting if it won. It would join a long list of idiocracy in giving it to Yassar Arafat, Lê Đức Thọ, Al Gore and the UN IPCC, Barack Obama, IAEA and Mohammed ElBaradei, Kofi Annan and the UN, and Jimmy Carter. A Norwegian politician said he has nominated WikiLeaks […]

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