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HD Rule 5 American Bikini

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Climate Change Might Kill Comedy Or Something

Your Friday clima-stupidity, the day the comedy MAY die Rod Quantock says the art of making people laugh is part of Melbourne’s identity, but global warming could see off the fun. “Because of climate change, in 25 years, we won’t have a comedy festival,” Quantock said. “The money that we need for comedy festival will […]

Liberals Think Their Tea Party Moment Has Arrived

Why? Democratic strategists believe their Tea Party moment has arrived. Working with labor unions and liberal groups, they are using the Presidents Day congressional recess to organize a public backlash against billions of dollars in cuts to federal programs. Of course, it’s so simple, because that is exactly what the Tea Party movement was about, […]

Snap! Eco-Classroom Too Cold To Use, Thanks To Solar Panels

It appears that solar power isn’t quite at the stage where it can fight off the chills from globull warming induced cold. A funny story to start off your Friday Eco-campaigners who built a classroom powered by the sun believed they were paving the way for the future. Instead they have been taught a valuable […]

DU Today: Koch Brothers Are Mean Because They Won’t Just Give People Money

So far, I’ve personally stayed away from most discussion of the Koch Brothers, because it just enables the insane left to come up with more conspiracy theories, but, this one at the Democratic Underground by LynneSin takes the cake: Dear Koch Brothers: You have BILLIONS of dollars! Why keep the rest of us from having […]

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