DU Today: Koch Brothers Are Mean Because They Won’t Just Give People Money

So far, I’ve personally stayed away from most discussion of the Koch Brothers, because it just enables the insane left to come up with more conspiracy theories, but, this one at the Democratic Underground by LynneSin takes the cake: Dear Koch Brothers: You have BILLIONS of dollars! Why keep the rest of us from having some?

Honestly, I can’t even fathom owning BILLIONS of dollars. I mean I get happy feet when I see that I have just a thousand in my bank account and I know for many working families they don’t even see that much.

Maybe you should get a better job and work hard, instead of expecting Someone Else to just give you money. How do you think Charles and David Koch got rich? Or, conversely, you could marry someone rich, like John Kerry.

I mean you could spend a million dollars every single day of your life and you’d STILL never see an end to all of your money. But for many families, every single day they’re checking underneath their sofa cushions and inside their pants pockets just to find a few extra dollars to help pay the bills. And this just isn’t the homeless, the unemployed or welfare cases – this is working families who want to give a good, safe home to their families.

Say, I wonder what several hundred extra dollars not spent on union dues would do?

What I don’t understand is why you begrudges us having healthcare. You realize that no matter what somebody pays for the healthcare whether or not we have a healthcare plan. The difference is this – if our country had a solid, affordable healthcare for every person then the cost of healthcare overall would go down. Why? Because for the poor, they can’t afford to do things like yearly checkups and PCP visits when they are sick so for them their main form of treatment is over-the-counter remedies, expensive emergency room visits and a prayer that it’s not life-threatening or bank-busting.

Based on your belief that ObamaCare will reduce costs, I’d assume that you’ve been taking lots of PCP. Good thing there is this Medicaid program to help poor people out, along with other programs. If you weren’t sitting on your couch saying everyone else should give you money, you’d know that.

Jesus once said ‘It is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than a wealthy man to reach the kingdom of Heaven’. That quote wasn’t geared towards us working class but for people like you – Charles & David Koch – and any other filthy rich gazillionaire who would try to squash the working class in order to boost your profits. Sure, people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg are billionaires but at least I see them giving money back to the community with massive donations to help make this world a better place. Like you 2, they probably couldn’t spend all their money if they tried but at least they are doing good with it and not just making themselves a fat pig.

Actually, that quote was meant for those who worshiped their money over God. Speaking of God, I find it interesting that LynneSin picks the one translation from Matthew 19:24 that uses the word Heaven instead of God. Yet, the Koch brothers seem to be much more religious than the Progressive left. Oh, and then there’s the $600 million in charitable donations the pair have made over the past decade, much to medical centers, schools, and the arts. Oh, and that they support drug legalization, gay marriage, and reduced military spending. Oops.

But, of course, we have to end with typical liberal civility

So shame on you Charles & David Koch. May your time in Hell be painfully hot and forever eternal and may the faces of the people who you squashed in order to reap in your billions haunt you every single day. I would suggest you read Dante’s “Inferno” for surely there is a hell like that for you.

Funny how lefties suddenly believe in Hell.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU

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5 Responses to “DU Today: Koch Brothers Are Mean Because They Won’t Just Give People Money”

  1. Doomed says:

    Unions were great for this nation. Their hard work gave us some important features that might have never transpired otherwise.

    However at times the Unions need wake up calls to let them know that their power is limited.

    We are facing that time today. The problem for the GOP is that they have to do this right or they will end up pulling an Obamacare on themselves.

    Done wrong they will find themselves the victims of a backlash at the polls in 2012.

    Bloggers everywhere need to start pointing out that the unions right now are conceding costs……or in other words throwing their members under the BUS…in order to save their collective bargaining rights……

    Not for pay….but they are trying to maintain their ability to bargain the states for Viagra or Rolex watches or more vacation time, or more sick leave or more contributions to their 401k with no subsequent contributions by themselves….

    In other words the unions are making the move to PUNT….the ball for 2 years in hopes of defeating the GOP and thus bringing back their insane demands in 2 years with a hopefully democratic majority.

    ITS 4th down…but its only the first possession in the first quarter……Punt the ball……..play defense…….Work on our options……

    LIKE SPENDING 600 BILLION UNION DUES to elect Democrats in 2012…while complaining that they are broke without federal bail outs.

    The GOP is on offense but they have to remember….that they have to play both sides of the ball too….

    Scoring a touchdown today does not mean winning the game…it just means you scored….that was the fatal mistake the DEMS made by passing Obamacare the way they did……

  2. Trish says:

    Nice doomed. While informing us we’re doomed, you do in fact educate as well!

    Last summer the New Yorker did a story on the Koch brothers. (it was almost a fair story) I was quite astonished to read that they were “behind” the Tea Party. Since I belong to three different Tea Party orgs, and none of them are “funded” by any one person; but by our own donations, I was saddened that we were missing out on perhaps a billion dollars that would help us make professional signs like the Unions have, instead of our clever home made ones. And instead of charging per seat and hiring our own buses for trips to Philadelphia, Harrisburg and DC, we coulda funded them!!!!
    It was then I realized that the writer was talking through his um, hat. And that the left is using Alinsky again-
    Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. The Koch brothers are todays target.
    Boy do I hate these libs.

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    What the GOP and their ether allies need to do highlight the distinction between private sector unions which have “rights” and public sector unions which have “privileges” granted by state, local and the federal governments.
    These privileges may be revoked the same way they they granted for cause or giggles. Public sector employees are public servants and as such are part of the government, they should never have been allowed to form cartels within the government whose sole purpose is to loot the taxpayers.
    While there is undoubtedly a better time for the latter argument at some point Public Employee Unions will have to be abolished entirely (they have civil service laws which also need “reform” to protect them) if fiscal sanity is to save our Republic.

  4. Trish says:

    Civil servants used to be a little like the name implies. They did not get great pay, but then a good majority of them didn’t have college educations, but they got govt jobs and kept them for life. The pay started going up, and the bennies which were always pretty good, became fabulous. The time has come to acknowledge that the distortion between private sector jobs and govt jobs is way out of synch! Besides being unsustainable, the bennies have to be curtailed. There needs to be a middle ground that unions can agree to, or they have to go entirely.

  5. And the Wichita State Shockers play hoops in…………………Koch Arena. AKA The Round House!
    I have been in it twice for graduations. And I lived in Wichita for eleven years.

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