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Hooray! Being An Only Child Means I’m Not Weird, And Saving Gaia From AGW!

Grist’s resident GINK (green inclinations, no kids) Lisa Hymas, who also is virulently against people having children, brings us the latest. After a discussion about Snooki (never thought I would actually mention that wacko) being wacko, and an only child, we get This is just the sort of groundless prejudice that Bill McKibben set out […]

Figures: Leftist At AlterNet Offers Racist Screed On Herman Cain

When Herman Cain was speaking at CPAC, I wondered how long it would be before Liberals/Progressives started up their racist slurs against him. Liberals talk a good game about being anti-racist and anti-sexist, but, we’ve seen the way they treat conservative Blacks and women. Now we get, via the All American Blogger, this disgusting racist […]

Pelosi’s “Green” Agenda Gets The Boot From Longworth Cafeteria

Well, the Republicans have done something right After about a month in control of the House of Representatives, Republicans haven’t managed to undo as many deeds of their Democratic predecessors as they’d like. They couldn’t get rid of “Obamacare,” and they haven’t made much headway in slashing the president’s $4-trillion budget. But the GOP has […]

Muslim Brotherhood To Form Political Party In Egypt

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I know this because Smart Liberals said so. They are apparently a “non-violent secular group.” So, we should have no reason to be concerned Egypt’s long banned Muslim Brotherhood said Tuesday it intends to form a political party once democracy is established, as the country’s new military rulers launched […]

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