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But, Is Breast Milk Ice Cream Good For Climate Change?

I had a few posts set up for late day, but, I think this story trumps them all When a well-stocked ice cream parlour says they sell every flavour, there are usually limits. But one restaurant in London is selling breast milk ice cream which is being served to customers in a cocktail glass. Icecreamists, […]

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MoveOn.org Wants You At Their Saturday Solidarity Rallies!

What do they want? “We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand together to save the American Dream.” Find an event near you on Saturday: http://pol.moveon.org/event/americandream All your endorsement to the Emergency call to action Calling all students, teachers, union members, workers, patriots, public servants, unemployed folks, […]

Grist: You Don’t Care About Globull Warming Because Your Brain Is Wired Wrong

The headline at Grist is an attention grabber: Maybe no one cares about climate change because we’re wired for extinction. Yet, the article doesn’t really support that, as George Black goes on a tear that our brains are wired wrong In my unending (and thus far, I have to confess, largely fruitless) attempts to figure […]

A Study In Contrasts: Results Of Idiotic Choice Of Words By A Republican And A Democrat

We had dueling idiocy from both Parties, starting with this fool, who is a Republican An Indiana deputy attorney general “is no longer employed” by the state after Mother Jones magazine reported he tweeted that police should to use live ammunition against Wisconsin labor protesters, the attorney general’s office said Wednesday. The magazine reported Wednesday […]

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