Madison, Wi., Mayor Calls For Snowpocalypse Day To Combat Climate Change

Today’s unhinged alarmism comes from the snowy city of Madison, Wisconsin, where they have had well above normal amounts of global warming snow for February (13.5 inches above): Mayor proposes annual city snow day, rail reform at WISPIRG event

Just weeks before the mayoral primary, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz spoke about hot-button issues to an enthusiastic crowd of over 250 students at the Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group kick-off meeting Wednesday night.

With students in mind, Cieslewicz unveiled talks in city government to allocate an annual “snowpocolypse” day, an annual day off for students for the city to prepare for dangerous winter weather that he said is inevitably going to come due to climate change.

The mayor said the reason for the day is two-fold. In addition to giving students a day off during a stressful month, he said he wants to “change the way [city government] thinks about how [they] do their work, because of global climate change.”

DERP? How else could one respond to this? Unfortunately, Cieslewicz seems serious. If only the alarmists could step out for a moment and realize how idiotic they sound.

For meteorological winter (December through February) and the snow season (since July 1), Madison has received 57.3 inches of snow, 28.9 inches and 23.8 inches above the normal, respectively.

The record snowfall for Feb. 9 was the 4.8 inches that fell in 2010.

Going back to the record snowfall of 101.4 inches in 2007-08, through Feb. 9, 75.5 inches of snow had fallen in 2007-08, 56.9 inches in 2008-09, 41.5 inches in 2009-10, and 57.3 inches this snow season.

By my estimation, that would be four straight years of above average snowfall. Climate is long term weather. Sure seems like the climate is changing to a cooler one. Which, of course, could only have been caused by…..Maggie driving a car and living a 21st century lifestyle.

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3 Responses to “Madison, Wi., Mayor Calls For Snowpocalypse Day To Combat Climate Change”

  1. movielib says:

    I live in Madison. Our average for a winter, 1970-2000, is 50.2″.

    The more than 100″ in 2007-8 was brutal. So far, this winter, we are close to that pace. 2007-8 slowed down in the last month. If we continue at our present pace this year, 100″ is not out of the question. I hope we don’t get it.

    Cieslewicz is an eco-loon who needs to go.

  2. Good news, movielib: global warming should give you many, many, many more crazy winters. Unless it doesn’t. Or gives you average. Or…something. AGW is responsible for whatever happens.

  3. captainfish says:

    “Good news, movielib: global warming should give you many, many, many more crazy winters. Unless it doesn’t. Or gives you average. Or…something.”

    Wow teach, sounds like you have gone to the dark side. You have recited in perfect pose and scientific reasoning the complete facts as stated by the learned and skilled climate scientists.

    My question is.. if they are getting that much snow.. aren’t they already getting days off from work and school? Why have an official day that no one in the future will know if it has snow on it or not?

    Just another reason to increase gov’t intrusion in to daily lives.

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