Today’s “Global Warming Causes It To Get Cold” Idiocy

Defenders of the cult of AGW are at it again

Climate change could lead to colder winters in northern regions, according to a study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research on Tuesday.

Vladimir Petoukhov, lead author of the study, said a shrinking of sea ice in the eastern Arctic causes some regional warming of lower air levels and may lead to anomalies in atmospheric airstreams, triggering an overall cooling of the northern continents.

“These anomalies could triple the probability of cold winter extremes in Europe and northern Asia,” he said. “Recent severe winters like last year’s or the one of 2005/06 do not conflict with the global warming picture but rather supplement it.”

Of course they don’t. Man’s release of greenhouse gases causes everything. Probably the next ice age, too.

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12 Responses to “Today’s “Global Warming Causes It To Get Cold” Idiocy”

  1. captainfish says:

    And what’s worse, the science states that with a warming world, the higher latitudes actually warm faster than the lower latitudes. So, if its warmer, then how will winter storms be worse?

    These cultists are just plain stupid. I’ll be happy when they and their ideas become as despised as those of the KKK. Mostly, they can be ignored. But, we must still be diligent to maintain the true moral compass (scientific literacy).

  2. Dude, stop making sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. serfer62 says:

    Well at least the Polar bears won’t get heat rashs

  4. Always look on the bright side šŸ™‚

  5. John Ryan says:

    Teach as the planet warms, local weather conditions will change. Remember that New Jersey is at the same distance from the equator as sunny Portugal, but has completely different weather patterns. Even with extremely COLD winters in parts of the planet, the overall trend is warmer and at a high rate. NOAA will be coming out with their October data release soon Teach care to make a bet on whether it will indicate global warming ?

  6. OK, John, sure, keep believing that your pet belief, which is supposed to make the Earth really hot, will also make it cold.

    It’s a joke to think that the alarmists even pay lip service to actual science anymore.

  7. Trish says:

    Does anyone think John is getting more irritated, hot under the collar if you will, than usual? I think his internal thermostat is outta whack!

  8. captainfish says:

    Trish, I think you found the answer. That outta whack thermostat in his brain might be telling him things are getting hotter when in fact, things are getting colder. Then, one begins to wonder if that broken thermostat isn’t doing it on purpose….

  9. His internal thermometer is getting hot, so, parts of him must be getting cold, if we go by the “science” of the cult of AGW.

  10. captainfish says:

    hahahahaa.. thus he must have an average of 0.

    Which reminds me of a series of comments by Cullen, from the weather channel, who appeared at the House Committee on Science and Technology.

    She and other supposed scientists were there to talk about the science behind global warming. She was on the second panel.

    The basics of her remarks was that since the number of record warm days outnumbers the number of record cold days, and that ratio (now 2:1) has been increasing over the last several decades, then that is proof that we are suffering from man made global warming.

    But, like all hysterical nuts, she refuses to see the science that shows we have been coming out of a Little Ice Age, and in longer time-frame, a global ice age. If you are in a gradual warming trend, then your ratio of warm:cold will undoubtedly change from a negative to a positive relationship where warming records reign.

    WHen the climate starts to cool again and heads toward another ice age, then cooling records will reign.

    But, people like her refuse to see history unless it is smoothed, changed, altered, and flattened compared to today’s temps. Real history does not fit their preconceived and BOUGHT biases.

    One guy actually said that 85% of all our CO2 comes from man, and the remaining 15% comes from deforestation (again, from man). These are supposed scientists.

    Another supposed scientist said that if our climate was STATIC, we would have an equal number of record warm days and record cold days. No you friggin idiot. If our climate was static, our temps would be the same day in and day out.

    The video at the link is worth the 3 hours to watch for the sheer lunacy of it all.

  11. captainfish says:

    Thought I would add this gem:

    “Now, we do not believe in any way that you can melt a whole ice sheet in mere decades. But, we are very nervous that we could get warm enough to melt the whole ice sheet.”

    someone please, please, please tell me what in the world that means.

    Is he saying that under natural warming processes, that there is a chance that the world could warm up enough to the point that an ice sheet, like Greenland’s, could melt away? In 100, 200 , 300 years? what?

    You mean, like it did before?!? How did we survive that?! How did the Earth survive?

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