Skyline – The Review

Having a tough time with this one. I liked it, but…….the story was rather flat, as was the emotion. It was entertaining, but, perhaps not so much that it is worth seeing in a movie theater. Might have been better off as SyFy channel Saturday night movie (albeit better than their standard fare). Many reviews and comments say the same thing.

The special effects were great, but, as Rotten Tomatoes puts it

A middling sci-fi entry, Skyline offers proof that solid special effects alone cannot overcome a flat storyline filled with uninspired dialogue.

You never really get emotionally involved, or a sense of what the aliens want. Kinda strange coming from a person who really loves Cloverfield, but, then, Cloverfield wasn’t about the monster and its spawn, but, solely about the people involved and how they respond. Skyline never made that move. It’s more like Independence Day, without the explanation as to what the aliens want. I mean, you kinda get a sense, finally, what they want to take (trying not to give spoilers), but not a why. In fact, many people are making comparisons to those two movies, and not in a good way.

While the dialogue isn’t bad, it is just missing that extra little bit that gives a sense of interpersonal relations. And yelling at someone to “Run!!!!” while they are on the top of a 16 or so story building? Um. No. Facepalm.

Also, it seems to end abruptly, without a feeling that there would be a part two, or even what would end up happening. It’s almost like they cut the last 10-15 minutes out by accident, and sent it to the theaters.

Did I like it? I guess so. I didn’t walk out feeling I wasted my money, but, I’ll give it a C. Too bad, I really like Eric Balfour in Haven, my favorite TV show (which won’t be back till sometime late next summer, as SyFy likes to do, dagnabit!). Considering the budget was $10 million, it’s not utterly bad. Perhaps those involved could have taken out some of the effects and given more to the script writers. Funniest part, it’s still kicking the crap out of the idiotic “Fair Game,” which has made a whopping $1.9 million, to Skylines $11.9 million. Granted, Skyline is in more theaters, but, that should tell you something about left wing fantasy movies like Fair Game.

Only after seeing the movie, then looking at the tagline, “Don’t Look Up,” will you understand why it is called skyline.

Wait for the DVD.

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5 Responses to “Skyline – The Review”

  1. captainfish says:

    Friend of mine went and saw it this past weekend too. He was unimpressed. And he is a huge scifi fan.

    I prolly wont even do the DVD. Netflix anyone? That way you are not stuck with it should it stink more on ice than you suspect.

  2. Yup, rental. It’s too bad, it had big promise to start out, but, the engine never revved up.

  3. captainfish says:

    I couldn’t help think of all the hype and pre-movie hysteria prior to the ID4 moving coming out. It was promoted big time. It had a huge cast and promised grand revelations. EVERYONE was anticipating its release like they did for the Star Wars 4-6.

    This movie? One teaser, and then 2 trailers. That’s it. blah. The teaser made me want to see the movie more than the trailers did.

    Recall in one trailer that the woman shouting at a man, “You got a gun?” or something like that. The world is falling apart and aliens are attacking them, and the best line they can give a blonde is …. “You got a gun?” ???

  4. mojo says:

    Friend of mine went to see it, said “Don’t bother, the story line is lame, and the ending is just weird.”

  5. The story had potential, just went unrealized, but, yeah, the ending kinda stunk. Most everyone in the theater sat through the entire credits to see if there would be something else. It really was like they cut the ending off early. It left you wanting closure, not a part II

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