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OK, so, I’m trying something new. Apparently, some asswipe at (deleted), owned by (deleted) is hijacking my posts, as well as posts from many other sites, including, but not limited to, Newsbusters, Moonbattery, The Moderate Voice, Powerline, Joe.My.God, and others, as well as news sites, like Jake Tapper. I’m sure there are other sites who scrape content in full, instead of throwing just a simple (and worthless) trackback. Al was caught thanks to Mind Numbed Robot, who alerted me to the issue. I had just thought the site was throwing a TB.

I’ve already sent one email to (deleted), asking him to stop. Next up is a cease and desist. I may be a small fry blogger, but, I hate when my posts are pulled in full, especially when it is also an attempt to hotlink.

So, I have added a new plugin, called AntiLeech, which can’t full stop the leechers, but, can do funny things to what they pull from the RSS feeds. Lorelle explains how to use the plugin. For the moment, I have simple saying in what should show up on (deleted) site next time he scrapes. Once I am confident only leechers are seeing it, I’ll make it really nasty.

PS: I’ve removed the info regarding the site which was doing it, since the owner has agreed to remove the posts and stop scraping. Personally, I don’t mind if was excerpts, heck, we all do that. Nor would I mind if it was the first paragraph or two (excluding any photos that I host in my Gallery or Photobucket pages). Just can’t do the whole thing. Though, in this case, at least was giving the URL for the original webpage.

And an FYI, I really detest when bloggers post virtually the whole, or the whole, article from a news site.

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3 Responses to “AntiLeeching Plugin”

  1. robot says:

    Hey thanks for the mention Sir!
    Hope that plug-in works out. I’ll be interested to see your future message.

  2. Aurelius says:

    Good for you, Will, protect your work. You may be a “small fry,” as you say, but you definitely have some of the best articles on the internet, even if only several thousand people know it.

    – Aurelius of Pundit Press

  3. captainfish says:

    dang, he was a suck-up wasn’t he. Whew. Doesn’t even know what he is talking about. “several thousand” indeed.

    I can count their number without taking both shoes off.


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