Barking Moonbat Democrats Scream Racial Epithets At Conservatives

Really, no one should be truly shocked by this

If you thought negative campaign ads were a problem in this election, perhaps you haven’t spent enough time in Virginia’s 5th district. This video depicts two men unleashing a string of racial epithets at members of Americans for Prosperity, who took the video. While flailing arms and shouting, the two also start yanking signs off of private property and throwing them aside, while saying, “This is public space. I pay taxpayer dollars while y’all to spread racism and bigotry.” See for yourself:

And away we go!

As Michelle points out

Especially love how he screams “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!” at a black GOP woman and then turns around and screams “RAAAAACIST!” at her and the rest of the peaceful conservative activists peacefully sitting together in their yard.

I’m sure this story will be covered by the NY Times, Washington Post, CBS News, ABC News, etc and so on on 3…2…1…..1…..1…..1…

BTW, if you want the best explanation of a Barking Moonbat, this thread at Free Republic has a reprint from Barking Moonbat Early Warning System by the late Allan Kelly.

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5 Responses to “Barking Moonbat Democrats Scream Racial Epithets At Conservatives”

  1. captainfish says:

    HOLY COW!!! This must be what Israel is feeling. They do all they can, they play nice and do all the PC crap, and then all the epithets and slurs still spew their way. They are attacked for not helping when they help more than they should. And they help more than the other party, the party that the other side belongs to, helps.

    I fear that this will only get worse. You can’t educate this away. Like the believers in white supremacy, that belief had to die out with the old stogies and the new enlightened generation had to take its place.

    Unfortunately, this new counter-racism is coming from the young crowd who are breeding that hate in to their young.

    A sad day in America to be sure.

  2. David says:

    I quizzed some black friends about race relations. They frankly indicated that they had not experienced discrimination from whites in 40 years. One girl who is 30 indicated that she had never had a problem. In fact, she enjoys dating whites. This is in the deep South.

    Now may experience as a white. I have been shot at twice, once was a sniping that kept me under the car. I have had blacks threaten to beat me up, for just being white, no provocation. I have been cursed, robed, and had rocks thrown. I have been in Circuit City and had to wait until all blacks were taken care of before a black clerk would help. The black friends have all indicated that they have suffered discrimination from fellow blacks, they look closely at the color of their skin. My son asked a black girl to a party and her parents would not let her go because he is white. In our area, if a white is apply for a position and a black does as well, the black receives the position.

    This is causing a build up of tension in the white community. If something does not change their will be pay back. It has happened over and over again.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey it’s another video shocking incident with a helpful voiceover in place of context for how an exchange began. I assume we can write that off as completely staged as well, you know, based on how every other case of that turned out.

    Maybe someone on Youtube can edit in some pimp costumes now to really give it some pep. We know that works a treat on the gullible.

  4. captainfish says:

    Chris, you obviously missed the part in the video where the people with the cam and cameras were sitting on a private property together, and this driver stopped at their place, jumped out on his own, and started ripping down the signs from a private yard.

    Can you explain what kind of provocation would occur for any of these people to stop a moving car (from where they were sitting) not knowing what kind of person was driving and forcibly illicit such an attack?

  5. Maggie Mama says:

    Looks like Rev. Wright had a very large following who believe the Black Liberation Theology of Hate America and Kill Whitie.

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