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Net Neutrality And The Google/Verizon Deal

First off, what is Net Neutrality. Whew! That’s a heck of a question. It is somewhat simple to answer. Imagine a city. While driving around, you find that different roads have different speed limits. We all know that. Now, imagine that city is the Internet. Certain parts are intentionally faster than others. Now, what if […]

Precious Snowflakes In West Lafayette Need More Crossing Guards…..Wait, What?

Has it really come to this at Perdue? You’ve seen crossing guards for elementary and grade schoolers, but, believe it or not, now college students will also have the same safety service. For every problem there is a solution, but crossing guards at the collegiate level surprised some. Graduate student Jonathon Trzupek said he supports […]

Blogrolls Removed

I’d heard about the problems with Blogrolling.com causing malware warnings, hadn’t seen it with my site since I’ve only accessed it with Firefox and IE. Michael at Jumping In Pools pointed out the warnings using Chrome, so, I’ve removed all the blogrolls till fixed. If not fixed in a couple weeks, I’ll just have to […]

Site Of The Day: Pundit Press!

Hey, folks, great new site called Pundit Press to check out. Wonderful article entitled Point-Counter Point: Who Are the Top 5 Republican Choices for President, 2012?. Check it out!

Was The Possible Twister In NYC Caused By Globull Warming?

Oops, sorry, it’s now global climate disruption. My Bad! Did Global Warming Cause NYC Tornado? Flooded subways? A tornado in Brooklyn? It was tempting to blame it all on global warming. Plenty of public officials were doing just that in the aftermath of a short but violent thunderstorm that paralyzed the nation’s largest mass transit […]

Michelle Obama: Obesity Is Bad. Now, Let’s Eat!

She’s at it again, telling you what to eat Taking her campaign against obesity before the Congressional Black Caucus, First Lady Michelle Obama said childhood obesity had become a national epidemic and was particularly bad in black communities. Obama drew laughter from the black legislators in D.C. when she said, “We all need to start […]

GOP Readies New “Contract With America”

The Politico calls this an “election agenda,” but, as reported by The Hill, this is more of a governing effort. Regardless, if they put it in writing, they better be willing to actually stick to it House Republicans are planning to roll out their election agenda over the next two weeks as they seek to […]

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