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Nutty Terry Jones Cancels Koran Burning. Conditionally

First of all, kudos to Obama for not taking the triple dog dare ya to call Jones and ask him to cancel the Koran burning event. I usually do not agree with Obama (obviously) on most policy decisions, but, had Obama called Jones, it would have made the situation about Obama, rather than Jones and […]

Hey, Know What Would Be A Great Idea To Stop AGW? Sulphuric Acid!

The road to hell idiocy is paved with burning intentions It’s so obvious, it’s a wonder nobody thought of it before: releasing vast quantities of sulphuric acid into the atmosphere to save – yes, save – the planet. An alternative, says University of Calgary climate scientist Dr David Keith, is to use levitating nano-sized disks […]

ObamaCare Won’t Actually Lower Costs, Says Report

Which, of course, the New York Times tries to spin away A new government study says President Obama’s health care law will have negligible effects on total national health spending in the next 10 years, neither slowing nor fueling the explosive growth of medical costs. Yet, time and time again, we were all told that […]

Imam Rauf: “We Gotta Build The Mosque At Ground Zero, Otherwise, Islamists Will Get Violent”

Imam Rauf, who could have avoided all this by simply not putting the “cultural center” right near Ground Zero (btw, does anyone, other than gullible liberals, actually believe that the center will allow “separate prayer space for…..Christians, Jews and men and women of other faiths”? Good luck with that). But, hey, now that this is […]

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