Daily Archives: September 4, 2010

Those Peaceful Islamists Just Want Geert Wilders To Be Dead. Peacefully

Interesting that they keep showing us just how peaceful they are Geert Wilders has just learned that an Australian imam named Feiz Muhammad has issued a fatwa calling for the Dutch politician’s beheading. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a couple of Dutch-language articles on the topic, and includes additional material about Mr. Muhammad from […]

Sorta Football Related

Climahypocrite Jesse Jackson’s SUV Stolen

Seriously, are there any climate alarmists other than Ed Begley, Jr, who aren’t hypocrites? Oh, sorry, my bad, discussing climahypocrites is apparently a deflection from the real issue that climate change will kill us all if everyone else would just stop driving their Cadillac Escalades Add Jesse Jackson’s ride to prominent vehicles being stripped in […]

Gun Dealer Gets 6 Months For Selling To Illegal W/ Valid ID

Your weekly outrage One of the gun dealers of Austin’s Gun Show is sentenced to 6-months at a federal work camp for selling a weapon to an undocumented immigrant. Independent firearms dealer-Paul Copeland says for years he has commonly sold handguns and antique weapons with no problems and prior to his arrest the illegal immigrant […]

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