Daily Archives: September 30, 2010

Heartache: Jessica Alba’s A Climate Alarmist

But, hey, what Hollywood star who flies all around the world for shoots, has a huge house in Los Angeles (supposedly green, but, hey, Obama’s brother lives in a green home. Almost 5,000 square feet is not green), and attends all the right parties doesn’t have the right to believer in something which they won’t […]

Oops. Pakistan Shuts Off NATO Supply Route After Airstrike

Of course, if Bush was still president, the media and the left would blame him. Not Obama’s fault Authorities in Pakistan shut down a key border crossing for NATO supply trucks bound for Afghanistan Thursday after claiming that NATO helicopters fired on a Pakistani border check post and killed three of its soldiers, an accusation […]

Obama Continues His Backyard Campaign Stops, Gets Snappy

Yes, Obama has continued his backyard campaign stops, partly pushing his healthcare plan (the only Democrat who seems to be doing that this campaign season,) partly whining at the GOP. You know, same old same old Arguing doggedly against returning Republicans to power, President Barack Obama told Iowa voters Wednesday that the GOP has been […]

McDonald’s And Other Companies May Drop Their Health Insurance Offerings

They best be careful, otherwise they could receive a threatening nasty-gram from Kathleen Sebelius, a subpoena to appear on Capital Hill, or be part of an Obama campaign trail whine, or even the subject of a weekly address blameathon: McDonald’s May Drop Health Plan McDonald’s Corp. has warned federal regulators that it could drop its […]

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