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Know What Would Be Great On 9/12? Preaching That You’re All A Bunch Of Haters

So says the Washington Post’s expert on religion, Susan Brooks Thistlwaite Can I get an amen? What to preach about 9/11 this year Some Christian pastors have emailed me that they are worried about what to preach this year on the Sunday that follows 9/11. One pastor wrote me that “people in the pews” are […]

Snap! Small Businesses Not Loving The Obama Policies

Question #1: how the hell did this story make it past the Washington Post editors and actually get published, including being shown on the front page of the Web (though not front page in the dead tree edition)? Small businesses feel squeezed by Obama policies Last year, even as he struggled through the worst of […]

AGW Today: You Can Forget An Indian Summer, Brits

Climate creationists to blame this on man’s release of greenhouse gases in 3…2…1…. Hopes were raised as Britain basked in sunshine last week after the coldest August for 17 years, but they will fizzle out as a band of heavy rain sweeps the country this week. Charlie Powell, a Met Office forecaster, said: “We had […]

Infrastructure Spending Back On Obama Radar. Update: Now With Full Obaaaaaaam-bulance!

What’s that saying about “doing the same thing and expecting different results”? It really doesn’t matter if Obama went to Columbia and Harvard. It doesn’t matter that he is POTUS. The guy is an idiot. That is the only answer to one of Obama’s latest economic stimulus plans Vowing to find new ways to stimulate […]

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