Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

Oh, Good, Interpol Just Noticed The Large Number Of Jihadi Websites

Perhaps they should have been following The Jawa Report and others involved in smacking down jihadi websites. They might have realized this a bit earlier. Because it’s not like sites such as Youtube, WordPress.org, Blogspot, Facebook, MySpace, as well as most hosting sites have terms and conditions that preclude actually hosting them The chief of […]

Shocker: Health Insurance Providers Will Stop Offering New Child Only Policies

Yeah, yeah, everyone has covered this, but, from the Department of Who Woulda Thunk It Some of the country’s most prominent health insurance companies have decided to stop offering new child-only plans, rather than comply with rules in the new health-care law that will require such plans to start accepting children with preexisting medical conditions […]

EPA May Greenlight E15 Biofuel, Create Confusion

Welcome to Government World, the wackiest place around! New study green lights EPA to OK 15 percent ethanol blend for older cars With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the turmoil in the Middle East, the continuing concern with greenhouse gases and the need to generate jobs in cutting-edge industries, President Obama has […]

Obama Challenges TEA Party To Identify Actual Spending Cuts

Obama was in typical form Monday, doing what he does best: attacking, and not answering questions “The problem that I’ve seen in the debate that’s been taking place and in some of these Tea Party events is, I think they’re misidentifying sort of who the culprits are here,” said Obama. “As I said before, we […]

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