Heartache: Jessica Alba’s A Climate Alarmist

But, hey, what Hollywood star who flies all around the world for shoots, has a huge house in Los Angeles (supposedly green, but, hey, Obama’s brother lives in a green home. Almost 5,000 square feet is not green), and attends all the right parties doesn’t have the right to believer in something which they won’t change their own lifestyle for?

Um, nature doing her thing?

Meanwhile, all you fatties are (again) making man caused global warming worse, emissions pledges from countries will not work, and……oh, fine, I get it, you want more Jessica. Sheesh (below the fold)

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4 Responses to “Heartache: Jessica Alba’s A Climate Alarmist”

  1. john says:

    and a new record of 113F was also st in Los Angeled. Teach do you think that 2010 will be the hottest year in the last 130 years that we have had good record keeping ? Of course 4 billion years ago WAS hotter, back when the planet was still molten

  2. There are always new high and cold marks being set, John. There are many areas that are looking at unseasonably cold, which could set new low marks. As you Believers like to say, that is just weather.

  3. captainfish says:


    I’m sorry, what?……………….

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