Those Peaceful Islamists Just Want Geert Wilders To Be Dead. Peacefully

Interesting that they keep showing us just how peaceful they are

Geert Wilders has just learned that an Australian imam named Feiz Muhammad has issued a fatwa calling for the Dutch politician’s beheading. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a couple of Dutch-language articles on the topic, and includes additional material about Mr. Muhammad from various Australian sources.

Head on over to Big Peace for the whole thing. (via Blogs For Victory)

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8 Responses to “Those Peaceful Islamists Just Want Geert Wilders To Be Dead. Peacefully”

  1. Reasic says:

    So “they” are ALL violent, based on the actions of ONE extremist? I see…

  2. gitarcarver says:

    You mean that “they” have disavowed this call for Wilders’ head?

    You mean “they” have never killed anyone after a call for that person’s death had been issued?

    To some extent painting all members of a religion with a broad brush is wrong, but until the headline is “Muslim Call for Death Wrong – Religion Vows to Protect Wilders” you have very little to stand on.

    And obviously, you don’t see.

  3. Reasic says:

    Since 9/11, many Muslim groups have come forward, denouncing extremism. You wouldn’t hear about that hear, though. Only when some extremist calls for “jihad”. I wonder why that is. Maybe that gives you an “other” to make the boogie man, so you can use fear at the polls…

  4. Otter says:

    Links, please, realsick!

    …and what has happened to these people After they denounced terrorism by their own people. Shunning, forced out of the community, death threats….

    • FYI, Reasic, if you drop a bunch of links, WordPress will automatically drop in the spam cue. Let me know when you do this, so I can rescue quickly.

      But, yes, there are many against Islamists. Unfortunately, the majority is either for extremist Islam, also known as “following the word of the Koran,” or simply say nothing.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    What you said: “Since 9/11, many Muslim groups have come forward, denouncing extremism.”

    What I said: “You mean that “they” have disavowed this call for Wilders’ head?”

    I guess you don’t see a difference in what was said and your response, which is typical for you.

    Tell me, Reasic, how did the call to kill Theo van Gogh work out? Was that an “empty threat”

  6. Otter says:

    There’s Nothing telling, lying bastard realsick. I’ve known about those groups for years, as I used to hang out at Robert Spencer’s site.

    So tell me, bunny, do these organizations have the full support of the muslim community? Do their members go about life freely, or must they constantly keep watch over their shoulders? I’ll bet you don’t know.

    What’s really teling is how neither you nor ‘lil LIAR johnny are capable of googling the ever-increasing numbers of papers which are disproving numerous ‘man-made’ global warming claims. As you said, it IS easy enough to do.

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