Was The Possible Twister In NYC Caused By Globull Warming?

Oops, sorry, it’s now global climate disruption. My Bad! Did Global Warming Cause NYC Tornado?

Flooded subways? A tornado in Brooklyn? It was tempting to blame it all on global warming.

Plenty of public officials were doing just that in the aftermath of a short but violent thunderstorm that paralyzed the nation’s largest mass transit network and tore the roofs off limestone townhouses. But in reality, it is not quite that simple, weather and climate experts say.

The storm, which gathered strength over Pennsylvania, drenched New Jersey and then pounded the city at sunrise Wednesday was strong but not particularly rare for a hot summer day, said Jeff Warner, a meteorologist at Pennsylvania State University.

Climate scientist James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, agreed: “You cannot blame a single specific event, such as this week’s storm, on climate change,” he said.

“However,” he added, “it is fair to ask whether the human changes have altered the likelihood of such events. There the answer seems to be ‘yes.'”

Breitbart continues on to point out the climahysteria, but, really, this is simply weather. It happens. I remember when I was a young lad seeing a waterspout off the Manasquan, NJ shore. That freaked a few parents out, I’ll tell you. I’ve been stuck in freak blizzards a few times, once at the top of a chair lift (fortunately, the ski patrol had liquor.) I’ve seen plenty of funnel clouds here in North Carolina, one time I saw about 8 while making a 7 mile drive. I’ve seen a storm in ’92 that moved from the west coast, through Texas and the Southeast, through North Carolina, making a mess, which became a massive Nor’easter that pounded the Jersey coast, uncovering cars buried in the sand after the great 1962 storm, ripping up the boardwalks, causing flooding, etc. Weather. Happens. I could go on and on, but, I’m sure we all have our own stories.

Naturally shifting weather patterns happen all the time. The past few years in the Raleigh area we have had very few tornado watches/warnings. Even t-storm activity seems down. The Earth is a dynamic, constantly changing system. Apparently, the climate alarmists, supposedly big believers in evolution, think the Earth should always stay static.

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5 Responses to “Was The Possible Twister In NYC Caused By Globull Warming?”

  1. David says:

    You are not keeping up with the program. It is no longer “global warming”. Now it is climate instability or some such title. Therefore, anything that we do is wrong and will cause climate problems. Sort of like the attitude my wife has, everything is my fault.

    The only true answer for this is to insist that liberals commit mass suicide in order to save the planet and the universe.

  2. john says:

    actually this was the 2nd tornado to hit NYC THIS YEAR and another 1 in 2007 and David if you really want to keep up then you should check out what NOAA has to say instead of looking at the anti science people say. And they say that last Aug was the hottest one on record for the Northern Hemisphere land> Teach do you remember your post about Aug being really cold in Great Britain ? When it comes to climate change can you see that you are picking insignificant items and missing the big picture David I don’t know you as well as your wife but I believe that she may be right about where the fault lies

  3. Otter says:

    I see ‘lil lIAR johnny ryan has dropped his last name. Why is that?

    And I am curious, ‘lil LIAR- what ‘anti-science’ sites are you LYING about? I know of none.

  4. mojo says:

    I was in a little town called Plains, Kansas years ago, had 7 twisters come through in one day. Scene straight outta the Wizard of Oz, with Uncle Frank getting trapped in the barn while everybody else was huddling in the storm cellar.

    Big old oak tree in the town square ripped right out of the ground and dropped into a living room a couple of miles away. Cars tossed like toys.

    New Yorkers are wimps.

  5. David says:

    You want to obtain objective information from a government organization that has outlived its needed and is trying to seek an identity and more of our money? Not very bright son. In science, you look at all sources and formulate an opinion. You don’t sit and drink the koolaid from any single source. The anti-AGW people have presented a number of good questions in respect to the climate fraud. No one is answering them.

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