Precious Snowflakes In West Lafayette Need More Crossing Guards…..Wait, What?

Has it really come to this at Perdue?

You’ve seen crossing guards for elementary and grade schoolers, but, believe it or not, now college students will also have the same safety service.

For every problem there is a solution, but crossing guards at the collegiate level surprised some.

Graduate student Jonathon Trzupek said he supports the job creation behind the Pedestrian Safety Advocates (PSAs), but that’s about all.

“Personally I think it’s embarrassing because we are grown adults now. When I was in undergrad and we didn’t have the yield sign, it was pretty obvious you don’t take the right of way from cars. And now people just… I mean, they are on their iPods and they are walking and jamming across the street, and then they get hit,” said Trzupek.

Well, in the defense of the students, it seems most do not want them, it is a creation of the public safety office of the school

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One Response to “Precious Snowflakes In West Lafayette Need More Crossing Guards…..Wait, What?”

  1. captainfish says:

    at my university, a couple of noobs got hit in the inner-campus crosswalk. So, what did they do? They shut down that entire road except for university traffic and those big wigs who are the only ones allowed to drive on campus. It has become a car-free zone. All because a few peds got nailed for not paying attention.

    in actuality, the university vehicles and buses were far more dangerous than civilian cars.

    but now, thanks to european thinking, everyone has to park off campus, then take bus in to work or class. oh, and of course, pay extra for the benefit. Don’t want to pay for the bus, then you get the better benefit of walking 2 miles to class.

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