Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

UN Back Into Mega-Alarmist Mode With Climate Change

EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!111!!!!!!!! Or not. Your choice. Me, I’m going to get a beer Weather-related catastrophes brought about by climate change are increasing, the top UN humanitarian official said Sunday as he warned of the possibility of “mega-disasters”. John Holmes, the UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, said one of the biggest challenges facing the aid […]

7/7 Britain Worried 7/7 Investigation Might Focus On Muslims

Whew! The dhimmitude of Britain continues Senior civil servants warned ministers that if they ordered a public inquiry into the July 7 suicide bombings it could “focus negatively” on Britain’s Muslim community, it can be revealed. The warning was delivered in a briefing paper to Charles Clarke, the then-home secretary, as he considered whether or […]

Snap! Democrats Blowing Off Town Halls Over Voter Anger

For a party that extolled the virtues of Abraham Lincoln, proclaiming Obama his modern day equivalent, the Democrats sure have forgotten that whole “by the People, for the People,” thing: Democrats Skip Town Halls to Avoid Voter Rage The reception that Representative Frank Kratovil Jr., a Democrat, received here one night last week as he […]

Washington Post Concerned With Arizona’s Image

More than half this “news article” could have come straight from the DNC, as the post attempts to tell us all these bad things about the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant legislation: Arizona leaders lament as state’s image takes beating with new immigration law When state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) travels outside Arizona, she hears the same […]

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