Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

Think Progress: You Know, That Constitution Thing Really Sucks (When We’re In Power)

Someone make sure to ask Matthew Yglesias if he is cool with this idea next January, when Republicans have regained Congress There’s nothing wrong, per se, with coherent parties and polarized politics. Lots of democracies get on fine with them. But they don’t work well with the particular institutions we happen to have. In particular, […]

In Mexico, Hundreds Killed In Drug Violence. Guess Who Gets Blamed?

For a change, the blamee is not Bush. Mexican President Calderone goes further An explosion of drug violence in Mexico has killed hundreds of people in the past five days and prompted the country’s president to issue a 5,000-word manifesto warning that the fight against organized crime must continue “or we will always live in […]

The Professor Tells Americans To Just Get Over Their Oil Addiction

And, Obama swings and misses during his first televised speech from the Oval office. Fifty five plus days out, and Obama still has no plan. He offered absolutely nothing new other than a few seemingly offhand remarks about “Doing Something.” He talked about lawsuits and holding BP accountable. Threw lots of blame around while claiming […]

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