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Man Arrested In Kosovo Shows More About NC Terror Arrests

News from WRAL Raleigh The arrest of a man in Kosovo revealed new details into the FBI investigation of the eight Triangle-area men suspected of plotting terrorist attacks in the U.S. and overseas. Bajram Asllani, 29, an ethnic Albanian and native of Mitrovico, Kosovo, was convicted of terrorism in Serbia and was under surveillance in […]

Things That REALLY Matter: Colored Bacon

No matter how many nutty things Obama says, all is now right in the world Neil Caldwell has come up with something that is pure genius. He has created the color wheel of bacon! No, this isn’t some graphic design trick (although Neil is a graphic designer). This is real, genuine colored bacon. The picture […]

White House To Sue Arizona?

So says Hillary Clinton, via The Right Scoop Hillary Clinton was interviewed by NTN24 out of Quito, Ecuador on June 8, and was asked about how the Obama administration was handling the Arizona law. She answered frankly, that the justice department, under Obama’s direction, will bring a lawsuit against the Arizona law. I thought they […]

AGW Today: Sperm Whale Poo A Boon To Us All?

Van Helsing covered this story yesterday, something I never got around to, lazy bum on a day off (OK, we were drinking and golfing in afternoon): Sperm whale poo helps planet SPERM whale poo helps remove carbon from the atmosphere, a study shows. Southern Ocean sperm whales offset their carbon emissions by defecating – or […]

Mike Pence States TEA Party Should Also Focus On Morality

I’m going to have to disagree with Pence, and probably some of you readers, on this one The Tea Party movement and its grassroots political activists are defined by loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, limited government and individual liberty — not social issues such as abortion. That’s what one analyst argued at a gathering of conservatives in […]

Oprah: PeBo’s Doing The Best He Can

Well, that’s CNN’s headline, to a degree, but not what she actually said. Which is good for Obama, because, really, he is doing the best he can, which is about as poor as we on the Right pre-election said he would be. Kinda like a high school football player being the starter for the Detroit […]

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