Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

A Few LA Photos

Yeah, I’m a chump, and took that picture at Madame Tussauds. Otherwise, the place was pretty boring.

Climate Bill To Be Rebranded As BP Spill Bill?

That’s what Mother Jones is reporting Looking to use the Gulf oil spill as an impetus to act on climate and energy legislation, the Senate expects next week to start work on a revamped “BP spill bill” —one that includes both tougher regulation of the industry and the climate and energy provisions outlined last month […]

Israel Boards Ship Bound For Gaza Strip

Fortunately (for the pro-terrorist idiots on board the ship, that is), this time the (pro-terrorist) idiots didn’t make waves, and did not attempt to assualt the Israeli troops, which is actually surprising, since part of what they are attempting to do, as Charles Krauthammer pointed out, is to do away with all methods of Israel […]

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