Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

Universal Is Kinda Sucking

Seriously, Universal Studios should be open longer than 10-6, since it takes a frackin hour to get in the gate.

Purple Shirted Nutters Protest At Dodgers Stadium

I came in a somewhat hidden, and virtually unmarked, back entrance into Dodgers Stadium last night, so, I missed the protest outside the stadium. Looks like the purple shirted SEIU haters of law and order were there leading the charge A mushrooming group of protesters against Arizona’s immigration law grew to a few hundred at […]

Say, About That Wonderful, Awesome, Monumental, Going Broke Canadian Health Systerm

Wait, what was that last part? Pressured by an aging population and the need to rein in budget deficits, Canada’s provinces are taking tough measures to curb healthcare costs, a trend that could erode the principles of the popular state-funded system. Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, kicked off a fierce battle with drug companies and […]

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