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LOL: WRAL Asks If Bob Etheridge’s Campaign Could Be Damaged

Raleigh CBS affiliate WRAL has a really farcical headline: Will Bob Etheridge’s confrontation damage his re-election campaign? Pardon me, “confrontation?” How about “assault”? Were he a Republican, we all know damned well that the headline would have been radically different. Of course, what the liberals at WRAL are worried about is not tanking a fellow […]

Wait, It Was Warmer In The Antarctic In The Past?

Via The Hockey Schtick According to a paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (2010), new high-resolution ice core data from two sites in eastern Antarctica show temperature proxies more than 4°C higher during the last interglacial (~130,000 years ago) than the present interglacial…… Doomsday news reports and the IPCC have claimed that rising CO2 […]

Oh, Snap! WH Looks To Pass Regulations So Employers Can’t Drop Their Health Insurance Plans

“If you like your health insurance, yada yada yada” The White House on Monday outlined broad new rules designed to prevent employers from dropping health insurance benefits for their workers or shifting huge new costs onto them. The regulations empower the administration to revoke the so-called grandfather status of businesses that shift “significant” new burdens […]

Apparently, Etheridge Was Simply Caught In An Unflattering Moment

Just imagine for a moment, if you will, that Bob Etheridge (D-NC2) was a Republican. The media coverage would not be quite so flattering. Editorials would be written about how bad this incident was. They would demand a criminal investigation, and, perhaps, well, probably, demand he resign. Instead, we get The video was harsh. There […]

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