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Illegals Leaving Arizona In Anticipation Of July 29th

The USA Today states that Hispanics are fleeing Arizona, however, they, of course, mean illegals. Which is kinda the point of the law: to get the illegals to get the hell out Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law is fueling an exodus of Hispanics from the state seven weeks before it goes into effect, according […]

Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC2) Attacks Student

My question is, why is Etheridge not in jail yet? Why has he not been arrested? I heard about this this a.m. on the Morning Rush (106.1 Raleigh), hadn’t had a chance to blog it, via Big Government Of course, the main paper for North Carolina, the Raleigh News and Observer, was kinda obliged to […]

NY Hotel Offers “Anchor Baby” Package

Perhaps it is high time to revamp the 14th Amendment to stop this kind of craziness. It made sense when passed post-Civil War. In today’s society, it needs to have a rider, something like “as of (the date that it is passed), no baby born to non-US citizens shall be granted US citizenship.” A New […]

Obama: The Oil Spill Is Like 9/11 Or Something. Guess What He Did Next

Comedy gold Sunday morning from Obama (that’s when the story was published). Or, should that be, cluelessness, thin skinnedness, and detachedness? Anyhow, via Gateway Pundit, we get a Politicio story,  Obama: Gulf spill ‘echoes 9/11’ Sounding reflective as he heads into a bruising electoral season, President Barack Obama told POLITICO columnist Roger Simon that the […]

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